This 24/7 streaming channel aims to promote and produce local arts & culture. We want to feature arts & culture in our community: films, video art, live performances, music videos, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, talk shows, dance, and any other visual extravaganza is welcomed! Plus we’re also looking forward to help in the production of some of this content, so if you’re having a cool event that want recorded and featured, or have a good idea for original content, send out proposals and let’s make this happen for all of us. Can’t wait!

Email: vandalhausnewark@gmail.com
Phone: +1 201 905 4450 / +1 201 874 5001
Address: 53 New St. 3rd Floor. Newark, NJ 07102

Submit your original video content to be feature in our 24/7 Vandalhaus Livestream.

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